The Executive Council of the Indiana Council for the Social Studies  invites you to join ICSS for this academic year.  As an Indiana affiliate of history, geography, economics, and other organizations related to the social science disciplines, ICSS is a growing professional organization with hundreds of members annually.


Members of ICSS are provided with statewide contacts that support textbook selection, program evaluation and curriculum issues.  ICSS members remain current on new trends in social education through the following membership benefits.



  • ICSS Newsletter Viewpoints published four a year provides current information regarding recertification, professional fellowships, grants, awards, and conferences...
  • ICSS Annual Conference where connections with colleagues develop and thrive.
  • Announcements regarding regional and national social studies conferences.

Upcoming events

14 Nov 2014 • St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana


Fantasy Geopolitics

I found that geopolitical studies can appear to the students as a country far away with problems they cannot relate to.  I look back to the first time I played fantasy football, I found that I was interested not just in my favorite team but the sport as a whole.  I had been struggling with finding a way to effect the same level of interest in the world of geopolitics.   To fill this void - fantasy geopolitics!


Visit Fantasy Geopolitics


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