Save the Date! ICSS 2016 Conference:

Times of Transition: Shifts in Power Throughout History

The Indiana Council for the Social Studies is now accepting presentation proposals for our 2016 state
conference to be held Friday, November 18th in Indianapolis. Please have your proposal submitted by email to with subject line “ICSS Proposal” no later than Sept 12th. You can find the application here: Conference Proposal Form 06152016.doc.

Sixth Grade E-Materials Project

We are happy to announce that the sixth grade project to identify and develop e-materials for Indiana's sixth grade social studies is underway.  It will continue for the 2016-2017 school year ending on 1 May 2017.  The purpose of the project is to provide a supply of different e-materials aligned to the Indiana standards.  Teachers may elect to use those items that fit their lesson plans.  We are NOT producing an electronic version of the sixth grade course.  Rather a collection of items to HELP TEACH the sixth grade course.  The items are free of charge to Indiana's sixth grade teachers.  This is just another effort on the part of the Indiana Council for the Social Studies to promote quality instruction in Indiana social studies classrooms.  We hope they prove a helpful asset for sixth grade teachers.

You will find a link to the catalog of materials on this website marked with the date of the latest iteration.  The catalog is in RTF format to ensure that schools using Google Tools can easily access it.

The first sixth-grade unit, on the Ancient Mediterranean World, is now complete.  You can find all the links in the catalog below. 

It is currently undergoing its final edit and the audio files needed to read each page aloud to students are being created and added to the pages.  Check links you like frequently to see if the page has been upgraded.

Current Catalog -- 12 August 2016

Indiana Features Big in Economic Education

A few of the Indiana Council for Economic Education's great teachers and programs were recently highlighted by the national Council for Economic Education (CEE).  These videos filmed in Indiana and lessons are featured on CEE’s website!



·         Powerball Economics – filmed at a workshop in Indy

·         Scarcity – Playful Economics – lesson by Shanan Riegle (Yorktown)

·         Opportunity Cost – Playful Economics – lesson by Shanan Riegle (Yorktown)

·         Oh Scarcity Sing-a-long – KidsEcon Posters sang by students in Shanan’s class

·         The Classroom Mini-Economy – lesson by Shanan Riegle (Yorktown)

  Indiana Bicentennial Cork Board

Audio interview with Becky Schlomann from the Indiana Historical Society.  Listen

Celebrate Indiana's Bicentennial - Share Your Photos

Are you looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate Indiana’s Bicentennial?  Consider having a photo collection drive or a scan-a-thon! Your class could then see their photos online.  Check out to see how.

You Are There 1816: Indiana Joins the Nation

Indiana Joins the Union 11 December 1816

Indiana Bicentennial Events (official web page)

May 2016 - December 2016
Indiana Commission on Public Records

Birth of a State: The Indiana Exhibit is a traveling exhibit expected to visit up to nine sites across Indiana for three week intervals to provide access to the public to see the state Constitution, state's historic rifle, the first State Flag, Territorial Documents, early laws and judicial decisions, and other significant Indiana historical items from the Territorial period and the first years of Indiana's statehood.

The exhibit starts in Vincennes in May, travels to Corydon for June, then ends its nine stop tour in Indianapolis in December.

Location Information:
Harrison County

Knox County

Marion County
Contact Information:
Name: Jim Corridan
Phone: (317) 232-3380

July 14 - July 17

Winamac Town Park
Northwest St.
Winamac, 46996

In an effort to celebrate and encourage interest in Indiana’s rural traditions, the Northern Indiana Power from the Past Antique Power Show will present a special exhibit showcasing 200 years of Hoosier farming. The exhibit will start the participant in 1816, the dawn of Indiana’s statehood, and move through 200 years of history. The interactive display will be divided into four segments representing 50 years each, and will demonstrate farm life, significant events and technological advances surrounding Pulaski County and Indiana’s agricultural heritage.

Entry Description
March 31, 2016 - December 30, 2016
9 AM - 3 PM
The Center for the Performing Arts

1 Center Green
Indianapolis, Indiana 46032

This 45 minute interactive program is delivered live, via videoconference, each time it is presented.

Music inspires, changes minds, and paints vivid pictures in the listener's mind. Carefully chosen lyrics have the power to influence the listener or transport them to a place they've never been. During Musical Images of Indiana, students actively engage in an examination of songs about Indiana and Hoosier songwriters from the 19th century to present day. What geographic regions of Indiana have been emphasized and why? How do lyricists incorporate the use of metaphor, simile, and hyperbole to strengthen their song?

This program is cross curricular and aligns to Indiana Department of Education 4th Grade Standards for Language Arts, Social Studies, and Music. it is available during 2016, for free, to any school in Indiana and is designed for the 4th grade curriculum. For more information or to schedule a session, contact

Location Information:
Marion County
Contact Information:
Name: Julia Shildmyer-Heighway
Phone: (317) 819-3516

May 13, 2016 - August 31, 2016
-Indiana Now 2016: The Bicentennial

Lafayette Art Museum

April 8, 2016 - November 11, 2016
200 Plus Project (City of Washington)
219 East Main Street
Washington, Indiana 47501

The 200 Plus Project will begin with a 6 concert community concert series with music from 6 different genres spanning from April to November. The finale concert is Peter Noone and Herman's Hermit's. July 1 - 10th will include a community celebration with carnival rides, bands, fireworks, free bowling, movies, swimming, a Birthday Dinner, Bicentennial Homecoming Parade, community church service, Old Fashioned Family Day at the Park Picnic, talent show, opening a sesquicentennial time capsule, and burying a time capsule. Bicentennial Commemorative coins, lapel pins, ornaments, keyrings, and paperweights are available. We also have a Bicentennial Park planned for Main Street, plans for improvements at the city entrances, and plans for a cultural diversity day.

Location Information:
Daviess County
Contact Information:
Name: Don Spillman
Phone: (812) 254-0898

Upcoming events

18 Nov 2016 8:30 AM (EST) • St. Luke's United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, IN
The 6th Grade Project

Latest 6th grade goodies:


7 August 2016

The Empire under the Emperors

7 August 2016

Mini Web Ancient Rome

31 July 2016

Augustus' Successors and the Imperial Problem

31 July 2016

Some Roman Achievements

31 July 2016

Mini Web Roman Achievements

31 July 2016

The age of Augustus

31 July 2016

That Sly Fox Octavian

31 July 2016

The Second Triumvir and the Rise of Octavian

22 July 2016

What about the Roman Republic?

21 July 2016

Caesar and the End of the Republic

22 July 2016

Learning from Marius and Sulla

21 July 2016

Marius and Sulla

20 July 2016

Reform, Revolution, and the Gracchi Brothers

18 July 2016

The Struggle of the Orders

16 July 2016

Carthage Must be Destroyed

16 July 2016

The Second Punic War

16 July 2016

The First Punic War

14 July 2016

A Look at Roman Government under the Republic

13 July 2016

Rome Conquerors Italy

13 July 2016

Rome vs. Etrutria

13 July 2016

No More Kings!

13 July 2016

Etruscan Rome

8 June 2016

The Etruscans

8 June 2016

The Origins of Rome

8 July 2016

Beginning Our Look at Rome

8 July 2016

Another Power Develops in Western Mediterranean

8 July 2016

Hellenistic Civilization

8 July 2016

Death of Alexander

8 July 2016

Alexander's Empire

8 July 2016

The Makings of Alexander the Conqueror

8 July 2016

The Ambitions of Alexander III of Macedonia

8 June 2016

Macedonia Conquers Greece

8 July 2016

The Peloponnesian War

8 July 2016

Sparta vs Athens

8 June 2016

Compare Athens and Sparta

8 July 2016

The Persian Wars

8 July 2016

Greeks and Persians Don’t Mix

8 July 2016

Reform in Athens

29 June 2016

Athens Leads the Way in Democracy

28 June 2016

How Sparta Changed

28 June 2016

Sparta Goes Its Own Way

28 June 2016

Greek colonies, trade and the start of democracy

27 June 2016

What did it mean to be Greek?

25 June 2016

Rise of the Polis

25 June 2016

The Greek Renaissance

25 June 2016

Greek Dark Ages

25 June 2016

Archeology and the Mycenaeans

24 June 2016

The Trojan War Part 2

23 June 2015

The Myceneneans

22 June 2015

The Trojan War Part 1

21 June 2015

Sir Arthur Evans and the Palace of Knossos

Minoan Civilization

Palace of Knossos Multi-Media Mini Web Site

Life in the Minoan Civilization


This PDF document was created by the Foreign Policy Research Institute.  It provides a quick launching point for teachers and students when dealing with military events in history.  Download it and keep it in your electronic documents for history archive.

More online PD coming.

Podcast #1:  ICSS Professional Development Opportunities 

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