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Articles Added 22 April 2014


Get your copy of the new Indiana Social Studies standards  here!

The proposed Indiana Academic Standards (replacements for Common Core) can be viewed here.  Download the literacy standards for history/social studies here.



The ICSS website is undergoing an extensive redesign at this time.  Please excuse the MESS!  For the remainder of April, we will be putting ICSS-made classroom resources into the Members Only section of the site.  You must be logged into this website to enter the Members Only section via its tab in the menu at the top of site.  Then click on resources and choose the desired grade level/course. 

In May, the website will undergo a graphic redesign to give it a more functional look and feel and a more modern appearance.  Based on an upgrade to the website construction component of our hosting system, we will be able to make more functional pages with many more mixed components on each page.  The video below explains what we are undertaking.  We believe better design, more multimedia, and an increase in the amount of information and resources we place on this website will more adequately meet you, our member's needs and expectations. 


preRevolution Conference at Evansville, IN open for registration

The EVSC ICATS are excited to announce that we have opened registration for the 2014 eRevolution Conference which will take place at Central High School in Evansville, Indiana on July 9-10, with a special preRevolution day of workshops on July 8th.

This year’s conference continues the long tradition of excellent learning opportunities that people have come to expect from the eRevolution, while adding many new and exciting features.

What’s New?

CSSIE (the Center for Social Studies & International Education) has changed its name to reflect its expanding mission. It is now CIEDR.

The Center for International Education, Development and Research (CIEDR) at Indiana University-Bloomington promotes an international scholarship of engagement through cross-cultural educational research and development to improve education and the social condition in the U.S. and abroad.  Guided by democratic aims and culturally sensitive pedagogy, the Center is particularly concerned with advancing education for historically marginalized and disadvantaged populations in developed and developing countries.  With educational policymakers and practitioners, CIEDR helps the national and international community through educational research, development needs, curriculum assessment, policy analysis, and teacher education.  CIEDR is the IU School of Education’s gateway for grant development with an international or global dimension.

Founded in 1968, the Center has expanded its focus from improving social studies education to helping schools, universities, and communities through transnational research and development.  As a national leader in citizenship education and international comparative education, CIEDR focuses on: democracy and civic identity; globalization and indigenous knowledge; human rights and gender equity; teacher education; and educational leadership and policy.  CIEDR has received support from the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and ministries abroad.  CIEDR continues to expand its involvement in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North and South America.

The Board of the Indiana Council for the Social Studies has undertaken a program designed to enhance and expand ICSS. 

The program will work to:
  • increase membership in ICSS
  • increase the services that ICSS members receive from ICSS
  • increase the professional development options available to members
  • provide members with materials designed to solve curriculum gaps in major commercial materials
  • extend and enhance presentations at ICSS state conference
  • develop online professional development possibilities for members

The Board has established a new closed MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group.  You MUST be a member of the group in order to see the content in the group.  If you are a member, make certain you have ask to join.  Your membership will be checked against the online membership database, and when confirmed, you will be admitted to the closed members only group.

During the month of March, the ICSS official website (this site) will undergo a redesign.  While general information will be available on the front page of the website, many important resources will be moved to the member-only section of the website. 

The Board is implementing the use of Adobe Connect through the Director of Communications.  Adobe Connect will allow for video conferencing and the creation of audio/video classrooms.  It will also allow ICSS to archive materials developed for ICSS members.  Members will be given usernames and temporary passwords when the system is in full operation.  These logins will allow for participation in virtual events and rapid access to archived ICSS e-resource classroom materials.

Not certain what we are talking about when we refer to ICSS e-resources for the classroom.  Check out a couple examples

Conference pictures and highlights

View picture collection from conference

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