Download a copy of this flyer.  Post it in your teacher's commons. 

ICSS Annual Conference Flyer

The ICSS Fall Conference is on its way.  This November we will be looking at the challenges of continuity and change.  What a timely topic.  Continuity and change is one of the five major categories of questions historians pose.  Continuity and change is one of the major issues of political science and politics.  Continuity and change challenges the "science" of economics quality of predictability.  Continuity and change is a major focus of conflict in the evolution of society.  Continuity and change is at the core of developmental psychology.  Continuity and change is ever present is the social studies.  How do we introduce students to this dynamic, and how do we help them engage with it in their lives, society, and history? 

No doubt, you have done some of this in your classroom.  Would you be willing to share with your fellow social studies teachers?  Why not accept this challenge and be part of the continuity or change you want to see in Indiana social studies.  Make a proposal.  Become a presenter at the November conference. 

Download a conference presentation proposal.  Complete it and submit it to the committee setting the program for this November. 

We have a tutorial on how to use Pixton to make comic strips for use in your class.  Don't worry.  The kids will learn Pixton in minutes.  Make certain you have them use Pixton as part of projects WHEN APPROPRIATE. 

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New webinars are coming in September 2017. 

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